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J.U. Cee Orange

J.U. Cee Orange: loves to win and in fact it was J.U. Cee Orange that gave the Vitalites their slogan ‘pippin’ because nobody will pip these guys to the winning post!

Broccoli Jack

Broccoli Jack is the strongest of the Vitalites and always fun to be around.

Beatrice Banana

Beatrice Banana is super-fast and by far the friendliest of all Vitalites.

Marvin the Magnificent Mango

Marvin the Magnificent Mango: is known to the group simply as ‘The Magnificent’, he’s a sweet guy but you wouldn’t want to mess with him!

Download an activity sheet


Download this great puzzle (it’s free!) and help J.U Cee Orange make friends with this dinosaur!


Download his incredible puzzle (it’s free!) and help Broccoli Jack connect the dots!


Download this great puzzle (it’s free!) and help Beatrice Banana find the lost shadow of these everyday objects!


Download his fantastic puzzle (it’s free!) and help the Magnificent spot the difference between these two similar pictures!

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