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When you become a parent, your focus shifts to caring for your new bundle of joy through to when your child grows from a toddler to an older child.

Throughout it is not easy to think about yourself and self care.

Even if you’re not a parent a good self care routine is often less of a priority than it should be.

However, a lack of self care can create a downward spiral…you cannot pour from an empty cup.

You can feel stressed and overwhelmed when you don’t care for yourself, making it a challenge to be a sympathetic and patient: parent, partner and friend. You may even feel guilty for thinking about self-care.

So what is self care and why is it important?

Taking care of your spiritual, physical, psychological and social needs, will help you feel and be, the best you and the best parent you can be.

It is essential to set aside some time, (on a daily or weekly basis), to take care of yourself, especially in todays modern world, when you feel you don’t have a second for yourself.

Here, you’ll find lots of great self care ideas on how you can set up smart self care goals using our self care guide – blog page

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